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Why I am Running

I am seeking the office of governor because West Virginia needs new leadership – leadership that understands how to create jobs, keep jobs, and build better opportunities for our citizens. I have dedicated my career to building and leading successful businesses. I want to bring that experience to the state Capitol.

Through hands-on work in my own companies, through my investments in other entrepreneurial businesses, and through charitable activities, I have helped hundreds of West Virginians earn a living, provide for their families, and build stronger communities. It is these first-hand experiences that we need right now to put our state back on a path to growth.

My experience in Chile, helping to rescue 33 trapped miners, inspired me to do more for West Virginia. When I heard about the accident in Chile, I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew I had to help. In Chile, I saw how people could come together to make a difference. I want to take that same spirit of community and commitment and put it into action in West Virginia.

I’m 100% pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. I’ll fight to protect our Second Amendment rights.

West Virginia has many challenges. Those challenges are driving away our greatest resource – our children. I want to provide the young people of our state with an opportunity to find good-paying jobs so they can stay in West Virginia. We need to create more opportunities for our people, not more hurdles to success. We need to create an atmosphere where hard work is rewarded, whether you’re a small business owner, a coal miner, or a cashier.

I believe I can help. If we run our state government like a business, fix our regressive tax system, reduce the size and reach of the government bureaucracy, fix our courts, and end our lawsuit abuse problem, I believe we can put West Virginia on the path to prosperity for today’s generation and the next.

I am running for governor because I believe in West Virginia. I believe in you. You are the job creators. You are the community builders. You are the people who can turn our state around.

I hope to earn your trust, your support, and your vote. If elected governor, I pledge to work with you to turn our state around. Together, we can make West Virginia great.