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No leadership in Charleston or Washington
MORGANTOWN —        With this afternoon’s announcement that Earl Ray Tomblin would skip his party’s national convention, Earl Ray has once again tried to punt on the question of his support for Barack Obama. Recently the Charleston Gazette called Tomblin’s refusal to make a decision a “pathetic abdication of leadership.”

“West Virginia needs new leadership,” said gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney. “We have a governor who is so afraid of his party bosses that he refuses to answer the simple question of whether or not another 4-year term for Barack Obama is good for our state. Now he won’t even attend his party’s convention.”

“The fact is, Earl Ray supports Obama,” Maloney said. “He supported Obama’s health care plan that cut hundreds of billions from Medicare and hurt West Virginia seniors. He refused to join 27 other governors in suing Obama to stop Obamacare and, instead, led West Virginia to become the second state in the nation to begin implementing ObamaCare. It’s why an Obama-funded organization pumped millions of dollars in attack ads into West Virginia last year to prop up and save Earl Ray’s sagging campaign.”

“Obama’s liberal policies and his War on Coal have cost us thousands of jobs,” Maloney said. “I’m not afraid to say it: 4 more years of Barack Obama would be devastating to West Virginia’s families. I’m going to do everything I can to defeat him in November.

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