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Today, a West Virginia radio network removed an ad paid for by Stay the Course PAC, a shadow campaign funded by the special interest allies of Earl Ray Tomblin.  The ad was pulled for lying about Bill Maloney.
“Tomblin’s special interest, lobbyist-funded allies continue to defame the good character of proven job-creator Bill Maloney.  West Virginia voters deserve better than out-right lies about Bill Maloney.  With unemployment rising and education lagging, West Virginians deserve a conversation about the big issues facing our state,” stated Seth Wimer, campaign manager for Bill Maloney.

The radio ad has been running on the MetroNews Network throughout West Virginia.

“These kind of dirty, political tricks are what West Virginians have come to expect from the career politicians like Earl Ray Tomblin who have run this state for decades.  If you wonder why we’ve lost 80,000 manufacturing and 30,000 mining jobs under Earl Ray Tomblin, the answer is clear.  Earl Ray Tomblin cares more about enriching his own family and protecting his special interest friends who fund these false and defamatory ads than fighting for jobs for West Virginia families,” added Wimer.


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