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ObamaCare to Cost West Virginia Seniors Billions

Morgantown, WV– On Sunday, ObamaCare will turn two-and-half. Barack Obama signed the government takeover of healthcare into law on March 23, 2010, but the devastating facts about ObamaCare continue to come to light.

“The term ‘terrible 2’s’ could not be any more appropriate than for ObamaCare. It’s terrible for patients because it interferes with their relationship with their doctor. It’s terrible for seniors because it cuts $500 billion out of Medicare, and it’s terrible for taxpayers because it’s the largest tax hike in American history. Yet, Earl Ray Tomblin fast-tracked ObamaCare and made West Virginia the second state in the nation to implement it,” stated Seth Wimer, campaign manager for Maloney for West Virginia.

According to a new report, West Virginia seniors stand to lose almost $4 billion dollars out of Medicare because of ObamaCare.

“It’s outrageous that Earl Ray will punish seniors just because he wants to support Obama and his government takeover of healthcare in West Virginia,” said Wimer.

Reinforcing Earl Ray Tomblin’s support for ObamaCare, news reports last week revealed that West Virginia hired a leading expert on the healthcare law.

“Now we learn that Earl Ray Tomblin hired an ObamaCare ‘rock star’ to advise him and tell him how to implement even more ObamaCare. But the voters of West Virginia already know all they need to about ObamaCare. They know it’s bad for West Virginians, and Obama is bad for our state,” added Wimer.

“Earl Ray supports Obama on ObamaCare; Earl Ray supports Obama on Cap-and-Trade, and Earl Ray supports Obama’s re-election. Likewise, Obama’s political machine is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-elect Earl Ray Tomblin with a false and negative campaign. Bill Maloney is actively campaigning against Obama’s re-election and will work to stop ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade policies that hurt our coal miners,” concluded Wimer.


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